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P.O. Box 52, Morristown, NJ   07963-0052  Morristown area:  973-933-2800                               
P.O. Box 52, Morristown, NJ   07963-0052  Morristown area:  973-933-2800                               
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Abortion is the leading cause of death throughout the world!

Morris County Right To Life, county chapter of New Jersey Right To Life, founded in 1973 after the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision legalized abortion through all 9 months of pregnancy.  Membership 300 strong, all grassroots, unpaid volunteers working in Morris and neighboring counties demonstrating prayerfully against this 40+ year war in the womb, parading with simple pro-life messages, networking with our partners to provide real solutions to moms in crisis pregnancy, as well as the disabled, elderly and infirmed.  Served by:
Stephen Perkowski, President
Albert Wickens, Vice-President
Susan O'Dougherty, Secretary
Colleen Dolan, Treasurer

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Research shows that young moms relate very well to children and babies present at abortion facilities, deter abortions. 
International 40 Days For Life area campaigns:
From September 28 through November 6, there are two area 40 Days For Life prayer vigils, the Morristown location at 196 Speedwell Avenue, and a Montclair location at 396 Bloomfield Avenue.  Choose a campaign at web site:  Contact the local Campaign Coordinator if needed.  For Morristown contact Stephen Perkowski at 973-933-2800 or email  For Montclair contact Lisa Hart at 973-769-4422 or email
Morristown Festival on the Green:  Visit our fair tent Noon to 5PM on Sunday September 25.  Lots of free pro-life stuff!  Learn about/sign up for a 40 Days For Life Prayer Vigil near you.  Learn about “Babies in the Womb Feel Pain” campaign to end late term abortions.
40 Days For Life United Tour Kickoff Rally Event Thursday September 29 at 6PM.  At Planned Parenthood public right of way, 196 Speedwell Avenue, Morristown. 40 Days For Life tour will visit Morristown with sound system for all to hear 40 Days For Life and partner organizations March For Life, Heartbeat International, Silent No More Awareness, Students For Life, and Susan B. Anthony List, along with city and state pro-life coalition groups.  Don't miss it!
National Life Chain Sunday October 2, meet 2:15PM outside Planned Parenthood, will make chain from 196 Speedwell Avenue to St. Margaret’s of Scotland Parish, 6 Sussex Avenue.  Signs provided, or bring your own.  Final prayer by 3:45PM.
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“Jericho Walk” solemn prayer vigil, Saturday October 15, 9am to noon .  #ProtestPP / 40 Days For Life Midway Event.  Confronts Planned Parenthoods Centennial Celebration of 1.73 billion babies aborted worldwide, 63 million babies aborted in USA, 1,000 per year aborted locally in Morris County. Clergy and all Christian denominations invited.  8AM Catholic mass at St. Margaret’s, 6 Sussex Avenue, can walk 3 blocks to 196 Speedwell Avenue.  Bring signs.  Signs provided as available.  Will process 7 times around facility.