Crisis Pregnancy Centers, temporary housing, legal help, all kinds of assistance for mom and baby available through a network of organizations and state programs.  Because the Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that YOU hold the power to kill or let live your unborn baby, YOU have to decide.  NOT the Dad/boyfriend, NOT your parents or guardian, NOT your education institution, YOU, and you can see your baby via sonogram machine at FIRST CHOICE WOMEN’S RESOURCE CENTERS locally located at 82 Speedwell Avenue, Morristown.

Need to talk?


Good Counsel Homes  1-800-723-8331  


Lifecall  1-800-no-abort   1-800-662-2678

Ramsey, NJ or

1st Way Life Center   (nationwide)  1-800-848-LOVE

Additional Crisis Pregnancy Center Help locations and contact info at New Jersey Right To Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers for all New Jersey  by clicking here: 

“Take my hand, not my life”.

Regret the abortion pill you just took?

Call 877-588-0333 or see this web site STAT!
You could save your baby, but time is limited.

Post Abortion Healing?

If you are reading this website, you already sense that abortion is a bad choice. Perhaps you have already had an abortion and are visiting this page following an unfortunate decision. Everyone makes bad choices in the course of a lifetime, and often, those poor decisions are difficult to overcome. Most women regret their abortion decision, but recovery is possible – and post-abortion healing is readily available through programs such as: Rachel’s Vineyard or at The Sisters of Life Hope and Healing After Abortion.


Some states and European countries have legalized assisted suicide. We in the pro-life movement work against this extension of the “culture of death”. Statistics show that suicide of all ages in Oregon is up 35% since legalization of assisted suicide. Right to Life means ALL HUMAN LIFE is precious. Please seek professional help if you feel suicidal or call:
NJ Hopeline (NJ Suicide Hotline) 1-855-654-6735 or American Foundation for Suicide Prevention”

Baby Surrender?

Don’t throw away your baby! Read about NJ Safe Haven Law Here.


BULLYING is ever present for a woman in Crisis Pregnancy.  Boyfriends will threaten to leave, Educational institutions will recommend an abortion instead of providing day care services, or not offer on-line classes, or means to accomodate your situation.  Though many parents and guardians are supportive, some may threaten to withhold that college education money, not conducive to making a free choice. We hope you will keep your live, heart beating, squirming, thinking, growing baby till term.  That is why the right to life movement has a deep network of volunteers and on-line resources to provide correct information for YOU to make an informed choice.  See a pro-life pregnancy center first.  Planned Parenthood and area abortion facilities simply want your business and your money.  Most of our network of services are provided at no cost, because we in the pro-life movement know that every baby is precious and that the 1973 Supreme Court decision was a very, very bad decision.


Sure, an unexpected pregnancy would be a crisis to most.  But how YOU handle it will impact YOUR life forever. Killing your unborn baby will not be forgotten ever!
Consider adoption as an option. Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs was adopted. There is nothing wrong with, and everything right about letting your baby be adopted.  Open adoptions let you keep in contact if desired.”


A person’s a person no matter how small.  There are many people who are unborn baby bigots out there.  Your baby may be the size of a quarter.  Find the love and compassion in you to nurture your baby and let him or her grow to their fullest potential. Pattie Mallette, mom to Justin Beiber, handled her crisis pregnancy by keeping her baby boy.  You may be surprised at what your baby can be!   Please watch American Life League’s You Tube video on a typical baby’s development ABOVE and give your baby a chance to live!

Are You “Hard of Heart?”

Abortion is an act of violence! If the video above was not convincing, you need to SEE an abortion at one of these sites: or you think Planned Parenthood or any abortion provider is looking out for your best interest, please visit the undercover “Live Action” investigative videos, one of which was filmed right here in New Jersey – in Perth Amboy. There are numerous side effects from abortion including death! Find alternate healthcare for women at Get your care.