The Climb Organization Inc.
National Motivational Speaker
Dawn Teresa Parkot
The Climb Organization Inc. and Dawn Parkot’s mission is to motivate groups of people to get passion-
ate about their lives and go after their dreams, no matter what their challenges are. This organization also aspires to educate the world on the disabled life issues, and prove to everyone that the disabled and in particular the extremely disabled can have a full, successful, joyful, busy and meaningful life.

Diocese of Paterson – Office of Respect Life
Consultant for Respect Life
Dr. Mary Mazzarrella, 973-777-8818 ext. 269

65 Madison Avenue, Morristown, NJ 07960
Legal Center For Defense Of Life
Phone: 973-984-0725
Emergencies: 973-359-1111

Lifenet Education Organization
P.O. Box 1800, Montclair, NJ 07042-1800
973-509-8123 |
Non-profit educational organization reaching New Jersey communities with the facts about the humanity of the unborn child, abortion and other bio-ethical issues. We empower young people with critical information on human sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases and an invitation to set the highest personal standards. We make age appropriate presentations to schools, youth groups, churches, civic organizations, etc., on the topics of abortion, stem cell research, and abstinence.

Movement For A Better America
P.O. Box 472 / Mt. Freedom, NJ 07970-0472

In an age of apathy and indifference, the loudest voices are often driven by greed, ambition, and the will to power. That’s why many so-called leaders in politics and the media sell out their own people in their lust for money, popularity and power. That’s also why abortion is a multi-billion industry with Planned Parenthood alone receiving $450 million a year in subsidies from your tax money. Yet these same leaders are silent about the 56.6 million abortions that have already cost us $50 trlllion in lost GDP, according to our 20 years of research into the economic impact of abortion. That will not stop until America’s real pro-life majority begins to speak out with one voice.