Bumper stickers

Bumper stickers are a proven method in saving unborn baby lives. It is documented that women have changed their mind seeing a pro-life bumper sticker while on their way to the abortion facility.

So place a bumper sticker on your vehicle today! Keep it simple. Fewer lines, larger print, easy to read from afar. Available at several on line stores, the largest being Heritage House. Some will be available at our vendor spot at the upcoming Morristown Festival on the Green. See something you like, let us know. We may order it for you as part of a bulk order.

NJ Choose Life License Plates

Bumper stickers too tacky for you? Got a new or classic mint vehicle? Ready to order a new vehicle any day now?

Why not order a NJ Choose Life specialty license plate? For a $25 one time fee to NJ MVC and for $25 in annual tax deductible membership dues to Children First Foundation, you can own a “Choose Life” specialty license plate with the same simple pro-life message used in our “Choose Life” Banner Project. $20 will be given to in-state pregnancy centers and $5 to administer this program.

Morristown Festival on the Green

Precious feet & earings, pro-life bracelets, pro-life candy, 12 week fetal models, pro-life magnets, all at our vendor tables.

Visit Morris County Right To Life at our vendor spot under a tent at the Morristown Festival on the Green.